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Welcome To My Home.

I'm Bob Ray …


I'm glad you are here and happy to meet you.


The difference between me and other photographers is simply this:  
I am not a photographer. I am an artist with a camera


I am a portraitist. Snapshots present how someone looks.

Portraits reveal who they are; capturing personality and presence.


My camera has been my passport around the world - I'm currently on passport #5 - and I believe my success is based on my clients' experience of being photographed. The saying you've heard is a, "a picture is worth a thousand words." My clients love to talk about the time we spent together creating the photography they love and share.


Our experience of capturing your moments together makes the artwork priceless. I believe the relationship on both sides of the camera is what enhances the value of your investment in my photography.


Photography isn't about the photographer. It is about the people in front of the lens. I preserve moments, memories and magic. As I see it, my job description is simply "capturing the way we are today, to share as the way we were tomorrow." 


Honestly, these days everyone fancies themselves as a photographer as smart phone photography is omnipresent. The difference between what I offer and everyday picture-taking comes down to the craft of photography. Especially with my focus - portraits - there is a clear difference between a snapshot and a great shot.


My expertise, as you'll see from my work on this site, is the result of four decades' experience, training, and imagination capturing portraits around the world. 


If you have read this far, I believe we're on the same page. Let's talk about working together to preserve your memories; wherever in the world they may be. Let's go together and preserve them with fabulous imagery,


Check out my site; my photography, movies and Picture Perfect experiences in Italy.
Then call or email me and let's talk soon.


Thank you again for coming by

                                                                          … bob / 3.15.2019

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